Ever wondered why fundamental arguments in fields of natural science and humanities are never settled? Or why the history of ideas moves in waves? Why nature feels so healing? Science has the answer, but not the way Einstein would have had it.

Roman mosaic similar to Tai Chi, uncovered in Tunisia. (Photo by author.)

In pursuit of understanding the universe that surrounds us, the duality within us is reflected in our discoveries. Every fundamental intellectual standpoint winning the hill, has an inverted twin ready to tear it down. Time after time, we are led to the tragic effects of our fundamentalist readiness to engage in this battle of extremes. Political warfare, ecosystem pollution, mental suffering — all results of an imbalance so willingly chosen. What is the deeper cause of this and why isn’t science guiding us any better?

Science aims to find the objective truths. The method is mathematical logic (reasoning) and the…

The debt lessons of economic theory in an ethical perspective. What are the alternatives, which are the levers available and what on earth is God doing on the dollar?

The icon of capitalism (photo by author).

As much of the world is facing a second Great Depression in the wake of COVID-19, the fate of the decades to come relies on the way governments chose to implement the debt incurred. The approach to debt has been a pivotal element in the history of civilization. History is full of good advice on this point. The main spheres of contribution come from religious dogma and economic ideology.

In the three monotheistic religions of Abraham, as well as in Buddhism and Hinduism, usury is an evil. Authorities of the faith have been all for lending as a way to…

The ultimate step in the evolution of our social structures is within reach, as the world battles COVID-19. We need an awakening to the current jungle law state of international affairs and to walk the talk regarding the values we cherish.

The United Nations office at Geneva. (Photo by the author.)

A worldwide war is upon us once again. It is being fought in our homes and hospitals. Not by means of guns and bombs, but by the use of hygienic masks and antisocial behavior. Instead of breaking through borders to take on other nations, countries now lower road blocks on the international crossings, close ranks and insist on fighting the internal enemy one-on-one.

This revival of the nation state as the primary agent to confront the global challenges we face, falls back on the Westphalian system initiated in 1648 - initially invented as a way to keep the peace among…

Hannibal Nissen

MA in Philosophy, Pilot

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